The 800SX Series is a liquid H2S scavenger specifically blended and distributed out of our blend plant in Nisku, Alberta. The 800SX is our most reactive liquid non-regenerable scavenger for H2S, and light mercaptans. Canwell 800SX Series is a proprietary blend of aldehyde / alkanolamine condensates, which includes Canwell’s patented anti-crystallization additive. It is developed to achieve complete removal of H2S in the presence of CO2 and under a variety of operating conditions.

The 800SX is our fastest reacting chemical with the highest H2S pick-up capacity of any H2S scavenger tested in the industry. This characteristic is beneficial in a Batch Tower application where the gas /chemical contact time is reduced compared to a Continuous Flooded Tower System. Canwell would welcome the opportunity to discuss case studies that have proven that the 800SX offers the absolute lowest operating cost.